Sea transport

The buyer of the vehicle may choose any transport company or arrange the delivery from the place of purchase to the port or other designated address with Mankar International.


Monitoring of the the vehicle route carried in the container will be possible through these web pages after entering the container number:


Vehicles are transported in standard 20 or 40 foot marine containers. Depending on the dimensions of the vehicle and its external dimensions, one container can accommodate from 1 to 4 passenger cars simultaneously.


Freight cost depends on:

  • port of embarkation,
  • Roll on – roll off on board or in a20 or 40 foot container,
  • consolidated cargo belonging to different customers or wholly owned by one consignee,
  • the number of cars carried,
  • the size of the vehicle,
  • optional cost of cargo insurance,
  • charges in the destination port (each port charges different fees)


The average freight cost over the Atlantic Ocean is $ 800 to $ 1,500. per car

Fees include – cost of U.S. customs clearance, charges for delivery of container to the port and loading onto the vessel in the USA. This cost will be included into customs base ( purchase price + delivery charges ) from which duty, VAT and excise tax ( PL only ) are calculated. Estimated ocean freight time from the United States is 4-6 weeks depending on the port of loading and destination.
By clearing the customs in Bremerhaven Germany, you pay 10% of the customs duty on the car shown on your bill and not at the discretion of the customs officer. Once the car is delivered to the destination port, it must be declared for customs clearance and then transported to the destination by road, for example on a tow truck or on its own wheels.
We offer comprehensive organization and supervision over the complete customs clearance process and transport (door to door service).