Import charges

Imports of vehicles from the USA into the European Union are related to the following costs:

  • purchase price
  • transport
  • duty
  • VAT
  • and excise (only PL)


Customs rates % or %
Personal car 10
Pick up / Truck 10 22


Duty, VAT and excise tax accrue on a cumulative basis from the purchase value plus transportation costs.
The order of calculation is as follows: duty, VAT, excise tax ( AKC – applies only in PL ) .


List of potential import costs and charges depending on source of purchase:

  • The net price of buying a vehicle in the USA, for example at an auction or from a dealer,
  • commissions for mediation only in the purchase of a vehicle in the US $ 200,
  • Road transport: carriage from the place of purchase to the port,
  • auction fees – depending on the value of the vehicle,
  • Ocean freight in a container: cost from $ 500 to $ 1500 per vehicle depending on vehicle size and port location,


The current import charges in other countries should be checked by the local customs office in the country of destination.