About us

Mankar International is an internet service dedicated to potential vehicle buyers who value the convenience of ordering and purchasing online. We are importing all types of vehicles, constructing machines from USA, Japan and European countries. Mankar International specializes in the import of new, used and damaged vehicles strictly according to customers’ orders. Upon request we also import motorcycles, yachts, boats, scooters and all types of construction and agricultural machinery. We comprehensively deal with the purchase process, transportation and import procedures and delivery to the address indicated by the buyer.


Taking care of our customers’ satisfaction, we make every effort to make the purchase decision turn out to be accurate and satisfying. Security is a priority. Satisfaction of the customer is the main goal.
Our mission is not only to build a good relationships with our clients, but also to help those in need. Our 10% program is the answer to this challenge.  More >>


You are welcome to contact us via the contact form or by telephone.